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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs


When you think of floors, don’t forget to think about rugs! Bloomington Carpet One Floor & Home is your local source for flooring and area rugs. From in-stock area rugs to custom rugs, we carry a variety of options to fit your rug needs. Don’t worry about searching for hours; we can bring the perfect area rug within arm’s reach.



Did you know custom area rugs are still being made today? At our store, we can customize any area rug to your vision. Whatever size, shape, and even trim you can think of can be made into a custom area rug.




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Benefits of Custom Area Rugs


Custom area rugs are unique and stylish. Rugs also offer protection for your floors, sound absorption, and comfort. You can choose to make your area rug stand out, or complement the décor. As an added piece of your home design, area rugs can play a big part in the overall look of your home. Due to the high demand for hard surface floors, area rugs are becoming increasingly necessary. Area rugs protect floors from scuffs and scratches. They keep the harshness of shoes off of floors, and can even make floors last longer.



Area rugs absorb sound and add comfort to your spaces. Have you ever been in a living room that echoes loudly? Adding an area rug to rooms like this can make the room quieter while allowing several people to talk at one time. One of the best benefits of area rugs is that they are comfortable. Whether you want to feel the carpet under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning, or you want to come home and take off your shoes somewhere warm, rugs are a soft way to make this possible.



At Bloomington Carpet One Floor & Home, we are proud to offer custom area rugs to Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Eden Prairie to broaden their range.

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