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Buy Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Bloomington, MN


Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices available today. Made to look and feel like various natural materials, luxury vinyl flooring is friendly to both your budget and your lifestyle, making it the perfect alternative to natural hardwood, stone, or tile flooring. With its durable, synthetic composition, luxury vinyl is made to stand strong against everyday foot traffic, climatic fluctuations, and all those inevitable splashes and spills. It’s designed to resist moisture, so it doesn’t crack under pressure. It’s also extremely easy to maintain.

Bloomington Carpet One Floor & Home is your local luxury vinyl flooring retailer. Stop by our showroom in Bloomington, MN, to speak with a flooring professional about the best type of flooring for your home and your needs. If you are looking for a new luxury vinyl flooring in your home, we have an option for just about any budget.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Types


Which luxury vinyl flooring is right for you? Well, there are several great options currently available: they are sheet, tile, and plank. Tile and plank, by far, are the most popular choices, since they offer up the widest array of style choices. Tile flooring is a classic choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and luxury vinyl tile is changing the way homeowners look at their flooring. Vinyl tile installation is much faster and simpler than grouting real tile. Plus LVT flooring is softer, warmer, and quieter underfoot.



Vinyl plank flooring, which is a type of luxury vinyl flooring, combines real wood looks with premium performance features. With its strong wear layer, vinyl plank can handle scratches and scuffs better than wood. Whereas wood planks cannot get wet, vinyl planks can be installed in areas with moisture. Vinyl plank is typically less expensive to purchase and maintain than hardwood.


Sheet Vinyl Flooring


For the most part sheet vinyl has retained its same durability, but advances in digital printing technology have made sheet vinyl look more realistic than ever with high-definition digitally printed images of wood and stone. Sheet vinyl comes in 12-foot-wide or 6-foot-wide rolls and can have a virtually seamless installation depending on how large your room is. Sheet vinyl can also be considered totally waterproof since there are no gaps or grout lines where moisture can seep into. Even sheet vinyl can boast the authentic visuals and textures of wood and tile but utilizing advanced technologies such as registered embossing.


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Made to manage all of the day’s accidents, waterproof luxury vinyl is performance perfected. This durable family of tile and plank can be used anywhere within your home or business. While all luxury vinyl flooring is moisture-resistant, waterproof luxury vinyl offers an additional protection level. It’s the perfect pick for pet lovers, parents, or those frequently hosting celebrations. There’s a lot to love about waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. Incorporating realistic textures, like hardwood and stone, waterproof luxury vinyl is equipped with a watertight core and a clear, protective coating. This gives it an uncanny ability to trap spills at its surface, preventing stains and damages.


Vinyl Flooring Installation


While some of the other types of flooring come with standard restrictions, luxury vinyl flooring can truly fit in just about anywhere. Since it’s so simple to install, luxury vinyl appeals to owners of rental properties, although you’ll love it in your own home as well.



Most vinyl planks and tiles attach together almost like a puzzle, and they can be floated over the subfloor without any adhesive. Floating installation is quick and efficient, and because there is no adhesive, the planks and tiles can usually be removed or replaced, and walked on the same day. Vinyl planks and tiles can still be glued to the subfloor with an adhesive for a permanent bond. We recommend glued-down installations in areas that see a lot of foot traffic.



For the most part luxury vinyl can be installed in any residential or commercial setting. This does not mean that every luxury vinyl floor can be installed anywhere in your home. For example, in kitchens and laundry rooms you would want a waterproof option. You'll still need to consider factors such as moisture and foot traffic in order to make the right choice.



Luxury vinyl flooring is an all-around great flooring choice since it is highly affordable, can merge effortlessly with your décor, and will readily withstand heavy usage. We have your local luxury vinyl installers right here too!


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near Me


As demand for luxury vinyl products continues to grow, Bloomington Carpet One Floor & Home continues adding to its collection. Our main goal is to address the unique tastes and needs of each and every individual client. We take enormous pride in offering up the most extensive inventory of luxury vinyl flooring in greater Bloomington.



If you are looking for luxury vinyl flooring near you, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our showroom, which is located at 503 American Boulevard West. There, you’ll discover all the brands you know and love, including some Carpet One exclusives not available anywhere else.



At Bloomington Carpet One Floor & Home, we are proud to offer flooring to Minnetonka, Plymouth, and Eden Prairie to broaden their range.




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