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What are the Different Types of Carpet?

Bloomington Carpet One Floor & Home has your local carpet experts. Using our unique Select-A-Floor™ system, our flooring professionals can find you a new carpet based on your lifestyle and personal style. We make finding new carpet for your home less overwhelming, and this system is unique to only Carpet One Floor & Home stores. We have access to the latest industry advice to help you make the best decision possible.

Our selection of different carpet fibers includes synthetic and natural options. Since carpet fibers come from different materials, they all impact how a carpet will perform differently as well. Carpet fibers even play a role in the overall look of the carpet in your home. When it comes to finding a new carpet for your home, you should factor in more than just the color you want. It is also important to factor in how often you will be living on your carpet and how long you want the carpet to last in your home. 

Types of fibers used in carpets include nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin/polypropylene, and wool.

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Types of Carpet Fibers

Nylon continues to be one of the most popular fiber types for carpets. The benefits of nylon include top quality performance and long lasting looks. One of the shortfalls of nylon, however, is that it needs to be treated to be stain resistant.  

Polyester does not have the best reputation among homeowners. Advances in technology are helping to make polyester much longer-lasting and even comparable to the durability of nylon.

Olefin/polypropylene fibers make for amazing patterned carpets. These types of carpet fibers are limited in where they can be installed. We recommend installing them in rooms with little to no traffic. They are better to admire than to be lived on.

Wool is a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable carpet fiber. Wool is also hypoallergenic and can resist staining and soiling. Wool is another popular carpet fiber because of its natural durability and comfort. Wool carpets can even help your home be more energy efficient.

Triexta is inherently stain resistant, and unlike nylon fibers it does not need to be treated to be stain resistant. Triexta can be compared as a cousin to nylon.

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